Accounts Receivable Collection: Would CM Punk Function Well?

Accounts Receivable Collection: Would CM Punk Function Well?

It has not been an easy couple of weeks for former WWE Champion, CM Punk. Between losing his title at the Royal Rumble and finding himself spinning into a state of madness, it’s clear that his attitude had become more aggressive. In the case of wrestling, this would actually work quite well, seeing as how this sort of attitude causes people to win. In accounts receivable collection, though, I believe that his rate of success would carry over from his efforts in the ring.

One would be silly to refer to Punk as a saint. Seen as one of the more aggressive heels, both in language and wrestling style, World Wrestling Entertainment has something far more different in this particular wrestler. If you need to see how his wrestling style had become smarter, there didn’t seem to be a shortcut or technicality he wouldn’t take advantage of en route to retaining his WWE Championship. However, it’s clear that his actions did not assist him in the grand scheme of things.

CM Punk may find himself doing poorly in work that involves accounts receivable collection. While fans may cry foul on this statement, allow me to explain myself. This line of work calls for respect to be had between both the collector and debtor and when you have Punk speaking about respect without showing few people that very ideal, you can see that there is a problem right off the bat. If you ask me, he’d be smart not to take up work with companies like Rapid Recovery.

Punk is not the kind of person to let a case go and I could see him breaking into a home for means of payment. He would lash out at the debtors constantly, wanting the amount to be placed into his possession at that very moment. While Punk may be one of the strongest talkers in the wrestling world now, his inclination to stir the proverbial pot could be a problem. It’s that mindset which may not assist Punk well when acting within the world as we know it.

Punk wouldn’t be the kind of person to honor the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I believe. He’s someone who is a wrestler first and, as a result, may not think too highly of the rules. However, that’s the way he’s done things for the past couple of years and I don’t see that mindset shifting anytime soon, either. Accounts receivable collection is a profession that calls for a certain level of respect and I don’t think Punk has it in him to grant anyone that.

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