Cisco ACI to Transform Hybrid Cloud Computing Services, Datacenters Into Strategic Assets, Says IDC

Cisco ACI to Transform Hybrid Cloud Computing Services, Datacenters Into Strategic Assets, Says IDC

The Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) project of Cisco Systems would turn the data centers and the cloud computing infrastructure into strategic assets with huge savings as well as futuristic prospects.

Cisco System is pursuing its ambitious project to transform the datacenters and other cloud computing infrastructure, such as – virtualization, application integration, cloud computing based mobile applications, and other modern features and capabilities of modern cloud based services – into strategic assets, which can not only save the cost but also behave like the comprehensive policy based service platform for the companies.

International Data Corporation, IDC has found via deep research on the Cisco ACI that this application is going to transform the entire cloud computing infrastructure into the strategic assets that can save huge amount of money for the companies, increase flexibility, speed, security, and reliability of cloud based services across the IT technical ecosystem.

It was further projected in the brief of its research report; IDC says that the Cisco ACI platform, once fully deployed in the cloud computing infrastructure would save as much as 41% of the total expenditures both in the Capex and Opex within three years of time. The savings would be contributed by the capital cost for deployment, time saving in automation of processes, and speed of the work of IT staff due to different applications integrated into the platform.

It is very important to note that Cisco is testing its futuristic ACI cloud platform on its own data centers – it will be implemented on the cloud infrastructure of own company to show case the benefits of this promising platform. The test implementation is underway in Cisco Research Triangle Park, NC, Richardson, and Allen, TX.

The company is focusing this project to be completed by the 2015 positively. This new development of application centric infrastructure of Cisco Systems would help the companies to develop the policy based cloud computing infrastructure that can not only save money but be very flexible to allow any integration of new technologies and platforms without any cumbersome changes in it.

According to the Cisco System, the data centers of the world in the next five years would be transformed into the core strategic assets rather than just cost centers.

The analysts believe that this new approach of Cisco Systems would be very innovative, adaptable and competitive in near future.