Does 99.5% Planned Uptime = 99.5% Actual Uptime?

Does 99.5% Planned Uptime = 99.5% Actual Uptime?

If you are evaluating cloud financial management applications, a common question is “how often does the system go down?” For most of the leading cloud vendors, they have a strikingly similar answer: 0.5% of the time, phrased as “99.5% uptime”. That sounds very impressive, but does that really mean your application will be up and running 99.5% of the time? The short answer is no.

Why is the answer no? Simply because:

A)     Many vendors define the equation to get the outcome they desire.

B)     The math is tricky!

Here are three very important questions you need to ask the vendors to truly understand your potential downtime and evaluate the different products:

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