Healthcare Trends Institute Releases Health Plan Guide to Leveraging Trends in Post-Reform Consumer Marketplace

Healthcare Trends Institute Releases Health Plan Guide to Leveraging Trends in Post-Reform Consumer Marketplace

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The Healthcare Trends Institute, an educational platform for health plans, employers, advisors, and other healthcare benefits stakeholders, has released a new guide for health plans seeking insight on how to leverage the constantly shifting trends in the post-reform marketplace to educate and attract consumers.

Titled Health Plans: Your Guide to Leveraging Trends in the Post-Reform Consumer Marketplace, the guide highlights changes over the past five years as a result of the Affordable Care Act, as well as how a health plan can look to the future and act on these changes to reach consumers.

With healthcare reform continuing to transform the benefits landscape at a rapid pace, those health plans that are able to continually innovate and accommodate a consumer’s need for more information, more convenience, and better service are poised for growth in the present and future.

Specifically, this guide will cover three major topics:

Consumer Trends: Top 5 Healthcare Executive Consumer Strategy Points, Today’s Healthcare Consumers: Six Types of Consumers You Need to Know, Millennial Consumers Special Report
Technology Trends: Big Data, Administration Technology, Payment Technology, mHealth and more.
Future Trends: Accountable Care Organizations, The Future of Telehealth, Continued Rise of Private Exchanges
This free guide is available for download from the Healthcare Trends Institute website here.


About the Healthcare Trends Institute

The Healthcare Trends Institute is an educational platform to help employers, third-party administrators, health plans, brokers, banks, payroll providers, consumers, and other stakeholders keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare benefits industry. It covers a range of topics related to the administration and management of healthcare benefits, including defined contribution, health exchanges, insurance, legislation, and more.

Healthcare Trends Institute programs include an educational web series, an annual awards program, newsletters, training programs, a resource library, a real-time health exchange infographic, and more. To ensure all content and programs achieve the highest level of quality and relevancy, the Institute is guided by an Editorial Advisory Board comprising of subject-matter experts that represent diverse aspects and perspectives within the healthcare benefits industry. The Institute is sponsored by Evolution1, the nation’s largest electronic payment, on-premise, and cloud computing consumer-driven healthcare solution. More information is available at

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