How Being Talked Into Avoiding Fraud Worked for Me –

How Being Talked Into Avoiding Fraud Worked for Me –

In March, I had a sudden and nasty surprise: a dirt bike competition was coming up, and my bike suddenly broke. There was no way I could ride it in the competition and I needed a new one. I was desperate to find it fast so I could get used to it and modify it as needed before the competition, so I needed to look online. I figured that the internet would be the easiest way to find a dirt bike and even considering shipping, the fastest. I didn’t want to buy a new one, especially since I was going through ads on sites and it’s hard to find new bikes online, so I was fine with a second-hand bike.

I found a dirt bike that looked like it would meet my needs, and it was close by. When I called the owner, he was glad to hear from me but clearly a bit wary. He said that he’d tried to sell the bike a while ago and had turned down several offers to give it to the first person. That guy had only been joking about it and wouldn’t actually go through with it, so the seller ended up not selling the bike at all. He didn’t want to get scammed again.

He recommended, and even though I hadn’t heard of it, I checked it out. He said it would be a great mediation service and would keep the money safe until we ensured that the bike was perfect. I agreed to use the site since I had to admit it would actually be safer for me than sending a deposit and hoping the bike got sent to me. I didn’t want to lose my money, just like he wanted to actually sell the bike. I agreed to use it and the transaction went fine.

I sent the money to prove that I wasn’t another joker like the first buyer and checked out the bike once it arrived. It fit with what I’d seen online and the photos were a fair representation of it, so I agreed to take it. I contacted and told them to release the money, and we both got what we wanted. I went from not knowing they existed to thinking the world of their payment system.

If you want to buy something big online, don’t rely on deposits and people’s word that they’ll buy or sell something to you when you can contact and make sure you’re safe.


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