Microsoft’s Cloud Revenue Grows, While IBM’s Fades

Microsoft’s Cloud Revenue Grows, While IBM’s Fades

This is a tale of two cloud players, both old-guard IT firms with vested interests in on-premises software sales. One is making a very successful transition to the cloud era, while the other is failing badly. And it’s a familiar story. Microsoft is kicking butt, and IBM is getting its butt kicked.

In its most recent quarter, Microsoft announced revenues of $ 23.3 billion, $ 7.43 billion of that comes from what it calls “the Intelligent Cloud,” including Azure, a 97 percent year-over-year increase. There was another $ 8.45 billion from the Productivity and Business Process business, which includes Office and Office 365. The company did not separate out the installed software sales from the on-demand version, but it did say that for the first time, Office 365 is outselling the on-premises version.

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