Optimizing Entire Data Center Without Breaking Budget

Optimizing Entire Data Center Without Breaking Budget

Optimizing Entire Data Center Without Breaking Budget
In a recent article from DCK, we outlined how Rackspace introduced dedicated servers which behaved like cloud VMs. The offering, called OnMetal, provides cloud Servers which are single-tenant, bare-metal systems. You can provision services in minutes …
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International Business Machines Corp. To Open New Cloud Centers
IBM announced in a conference on Monday that it is expanding its geographical presence by introducing cloud server in additional markets. The company is looking forward to taking its corporate clouds to Italy, India, Canada, and Australia …
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How to choose between cloud computing and virtualization
Server virtualization predates private cloud, and gained popularity due to massive CapEx savings. A few hypervisor hosts and a management console replaces dozens or even hundreds of physical servers. Data centers deploy virtualization and gain huge …
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Nokia Networks expands telco cloud portfolio
Nokia said its Radio Cloud solution can be built on multiple network layers starting with radio hardware and antennas at the cell site, which are connected to distributed cloud servers through fronthaul. The cloud servers combine the cells into one …
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10 Cloud Roadblocks and What to Do About Them
Your clients may object to storing their content on cloud servers, which often times is built into business agreements. Right or wrong, this can completely derail any good intentions you may have about moving to the cloud. Clients that are in heavily …
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High-Tech 0 Mil Pro Soccer Stadium Makes Its Debut
All of it will be delivered by Avaya's cloud technology sent wirelessly from remote servers, she said. Avaya officials said the stadium's technological features would be ready for the Earthquake's first regular season game there against the Chicago …
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