Reebok trolls Nordstrom with a $425 sweat-soaked shirt

Reebok trolls Nordstrom with a $425 sweat-soaked shirt


Nordstrom faced mockery on Tuesday for selling a pair of fake mud-caked jeans at a price of $ 425.

Not to be outdone, Reebok just listed its own entry into the soiled clothing category — a sweat-soaked shirt — for the same price in a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the retailer.  

Image: reebok

According to a company spokesperson, the sweat came courtesy of employees at the company’s Canton, Massachusetts headquarters.

“We’re putting in the hard work for you and giving you a pre-sweated tee for that post-workout look and smell,” the product description reads.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the shirt had one five-star review, and the brand’s site claimed it was “sold out.” Read more…

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