What You Need To Know About Types of Hair Extension

What You Need To Know About Types of Hair Extension

Hair extensions are groups of false hair, either natural or synthetic, that uses different techniques to join with own hair to achieve different effects. Hair extensions are typically used to get more volume in those people who have thin hair, it also gives more length with short hair or cover areas with little hair. Aside from that it also used in hairs that suffer from aggression of chemical products (discoloration, dyes, curlers products or des-rizadores) and have been broken in some areas.

Exactly what are The types of Hair Extension?

The kinds of hair extension can be pure (human) hair or synthetic (fiber). The choice will take place to the foundation in the use we make of these. For that reason, it’s essential that we must know the distinctions between the two, because should you stay with their numerous varieties of placement, it will be equal in the two scenarios.

One of the types of hair extension is the natural hair extensions. This gives us the possibility to perform any work for them since their morphology is identical to that we have in our heads, so you can curl it with the plates, with tongs, with curls, work with blow dryer and we can even change the color to the hair. Synthetic hair extensions, to be fiber or plastic, does not allow this type of variation, only in a very careful way.

In cases like this you should use some special plates having a temperature controller or steam, you’ll be able to a little change the best way they set. If not treated with care, along with the direct heat they can shrink and become burning. For the entire previously mentioned, despite the fact that the purely natural hair extensions are more expensive, they will be far more correct if you want set.

How Hair Extension Is done?

Hair extensions can be found in clumps together in groups either woven into strips, which might be reduce to take account in the diameter from the zone of your head the place they are going to be placed. Placement methods are countless, braided together with the very own hair, sewn (when sliced).

Extensions of groups, are attached with keratin or silicon, small groups of hair are taken, are placed over and merge with the product chosen for paste, you are shaped with the fingers or with the welder and let them cool. Also you can place the strips of hair woven temporarily, being able to remove and put to will, this is done sewing the ends of the strips a few tiny Combs (crabs) that are fastened to the own hair and leaves them sufficiently fixed or you can put clip in hair extensions. Would withdraw them every day to avoid raveling hair.

Techniques for Hair Extension

It is very essential for the utilization of hair extensions make improved upkeep of them, so we will really need to fulfill the subsequent tips:

* Wash the hair with head-up (never down).

* Do not rub too to wash (gets tangled).

* Apply comforting solutions only from the region of union.

* Do not give very direct heat welding of the extension points.

* Do not brush aggressively.

* Do not allow them increase far too (from your root to the repairing position results in a tangle of events or new hair that when you shell out a lot time, is tough to fix).

* Replaced them about every three months

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