Your Country & You

Your Country & You

After finishing your design studies abroad, you decided to return home and work here. You do the usual stuff which fresh graduates searching for a job do. You prepare your resume, honestly evaluate yourself and determine the things that make you a better candidate than your competitors. And as you go, you strive to maintain a positive attitude and remain patient until you find the employer who is willing to employ you and with whom you’re excited to work with.

As a fresh graduate, you don’t have the work experience which other candidates are armed with. So how can you compensate for the lack of it in order to secure an edge over the competition? Well, truth be told, experience is also what would actually you apart. It’s just that, it’s a different kind of experience in your particular case. For one, you have been exposed to a different culture which made you appreciate and understand much better the diversity of the world. You’ve gained cross-cultural insights through the years you spent on a foreign land. You have grown to become are flexible and adaptable as a result of dealing with individuals of different backgrounds, beliefs and races to name a few.

Furthermore, you’ve similarly developed the competencies and skills which the companies you are applying for may be looking for. Your experience overseas has taught you how to better deal with individuals and thus, apply the same at your workplace. Your exposure can help you relate well with your colleagues, bosses and clients too.

interior design malaysia is a hybrid. The country’s interior design is truly a reflection of its traditions and the many influences it has cleverly adapted. Its multiracial and multicultural society is akin to the world you knew while you’re striving to earn your degree.

Seein the other side of the world you live in is is truly an experience which brings a lot of benefits to an individual. Once you go back home to Malaysia, you can better appreciate its identity – a mix of history and global influences. You can actually relate to it on a deeper level as you start to see yourself as a small version of it.

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